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British Clay Court 2012 - Results

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"Wind changes the size of the court. Use more spin to control the ball, lower the toss on serve and test your shots by warming up on both sides of the net. If you have a strong wind at your back, go the net as often as you can as passing shots will be slower and lobs fall short. Remember, conditions are the same for you and your opponent but act as if you enjoy them, you can drive your opponent crazy by refusing to let the conditions bother you."

Players would have been advised to consider these words of wisdom from Rod Laver during the 2012 British Clay Court Championships held at the West Hants Club in Bournemouth. The whole week turned out to be a challenge for organisers and players alike with weather (sun, wind, rain and temperatures) as variable as the surfaces played on (clay, indoor carpet, artificial grass, tarmac and acrylic).

However, finals day was completed on the preferred clay courts and to schedule. Fine weather prevailed, albeit with a  blustery wind, all matches were very competitive with some surprise results.

Congratulations go out to the following members.

MS40 Winner: Sebastian Jackson

MS45 Winner: Matthew Coombes

MD45 Winners: Graham Neale and Chris Hearn

MS50 Winner: Chris Hearn; Finalist: Vincent Gray

WD50 Finalist: Hazel Lindfield

MS55 Winner: Paul French

WS55 Winner: Patricia Wire

MD55 Winners: Paul French and Jeremy Trafford; Finalists: Chris Hill and Tony King

WD55 Winner: Patricia Wire

MS60 Winner: Niall Sweeney

WS60 Finalist: Pauline Fisher

MD60 Winner: Niall Sweeney; Finalists: Boyd Brackstone and Robert Whitehead

WD60 Winners: Pauline Fisher and Shirley Fox

WS65 Winner: Jennifer Waggott

MD65 Winners: Keith Bland and Derek Bradshaw

MS70 Finalist: Henk Nijeboer

WS70 Finalist: Felicity Thomas

MD70 Winners: Roger Ambrose and Clive Hutchings; Finalists: Henk Nijeboer and Julian Tatum

WD70 Winners: Felicity Thomas and Ruth Weston

MD75 Winner: Tony McBride; Finalist: Robert Milner

MD80 Winners: Paul Drane and John Draper; Finalist: Tom Eastop

MS85 Winner: Gerald Clarke

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