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Condolences - J P Fellows-Smith

It is with sadness that we announce the death of J P “Pom Pom” Fellows-Smith, on 28th September 2013 aged 81 in Bedfordshire.

Jonathan Payn Fellows-Smith joined the Club in 1978 and became an Honorary Member in 2004.

Nicknamed “Pom Pom” because of his aggressive batting style, he was a very talented sportsman and cricket all-rounder who played four Tests for South Africa on the 1960 tour to England. He faced the potent attack of Fred Trueman and Brian Statham, coming through unscathed!

Prior to playing Test cricket, Jon was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and a  ‘double blue’ at cricket and rugby union (1953 – 1955).

He represented Northamptonshire at County cricket and played club rugby for Richmond.

He also loved playing tennis, representing both Natal University (1950, 1951) and Oxford University (1954-5).

Our thoughts go out to Jon's family and friends.

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