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Condolences - Peter Scholtz (Netherlands)

Dear Members

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Peter Scholtz, one of the stalwarts of the team of Dutch veterans, whom we (SLTC of GB) are playing for the 10th year running this year, has passed away on the 22nd of May. Peter had been ill for some time, and appeared to have come through, but alas this was not to be.

You have all met Peter and some of you quite a few times. Those who know him well will remember him as very easy to get on with, always good fun, somebody genuinely interested in others and definitely a very talented player. He made the most of his life, had a positive outlook on everything and was a source of inspiration for us all. Peter didn’t play in the last few matches because of ill health but he would still come to the matches, even in England, as he enjoyed so much to be amongst friends. His friends of course were always delighted when he was around.

He will be sadly missed and our thoughts are very much with Peter's family and friends.

Because he was such a prominent representative of the Dutch side over all those years, Hans Bronkhorst and I have decided that we would dedicate the trophy for our annual match to Peter and from this year onwards we will be battling against the Dutch for the Peter Scholtz Cup. I trust you are happy with that small sign of respect, which will preserve our memory of him for a long time to come. I am sure Peter would be honoured and delighted.

Henk Nijeboer

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