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GDPR Compliance

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The work deemed necessary due to GDPR was completed on time.

Thank you to everyone who replied positively to our OPT IN email and you will continue to receive Club communications via our mail distributor.

A significant number of you have decided not to OPT IN, forgotten to respond or may not have received the original email - please check your SPAM/JUNK folder at home or in the workplace. If you still want to receive email communications from us then please contact the Club Website Administrator who will reinstate you on the distribution list. However, all information of relevance will still be posted on our website, which should be viewed regularly.

The above does not affect the process by which other Club members can contact you, privately or to arrange matches and enquire on your availability to play in them.

Final and with summer on the horizon, the Committee would like to wish you all a successful tennis season.

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