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Appeal for Seniors County Tennis Information

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"The overall aim of my project is to create a history and record of the seniors inter county competition since its start in 1981 up to 2009, after which all results are available online.
This is arguably the most successful branch of the three main parts of domestic seniors’ tennis; Inter county, inter club and individual national championships.
At present the only easily available existing records of these events are the Rolls of Honour on the Seniors GB website, so this current project could fill a gap.
The inter county competition has operated under two main formats: from 1981-1994 it was a Cup competition with teams organized in geographical zones with successful teams going into a play-off to decide the winners. The final stages, consisting of semi-finals and finals, were then completed on one or two selected weekends at suitable chosen venues.
From 1995 the competition has operated as a league system with promotion and relegation being introduced and the winners being the highest placed teams in the top divisions, with finals weekends no longer being held until 2006 when the introduction of parallel top divisions created the opportunity for a new style of play-off between the winners of Division 1A and 1B to decide the overall champions.
My first and main aim is to reconstruct the geographical zones for the years 1981-1994 and the league divisions for 1995-2009 together with the winners and runners up clearly identified for each event.
My second aim is, where possible, by identifying the successful teams in each zone to construct the play-off details for the years 1981-1994 and from 1995 -2009 to place teams in the correct final positions in their individual leagues.
The third and most ambitious aim is to construct a data base of results from all events for the whole period of the research. This will certainly never reach completion, but each result is like part of a jig saw puzzle that helps to complete the overall picture."


I would welcome any information from anyone who has played during this time. My particular interest is match scores for all teams, any age group, men or women. In view of the period of interest you are likely to be a lady of over fifty or a man of over fifty-five but may just be someone who keeps records.

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