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ITF Seniors announce World dates

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As at 04/11/2021 the following 2022 dates have been announced but please bear in mind circumstances can change based on Covid-19 issues around travelling and quarantine requirements.

We would recommend reading and understanding application and booking guidelines by referring to regular ITF updates posted on their website (a link is available on our LINKS Page).

Young Seniors - Lisbon, Oeiras and Estoril, Portugal:

Team - 31/7 to 5/8

Individual - 6/8 to 13/8

Seniors - Palm Beach, Florida:

Team - 1/5 to 6/5  

Individual - 7/5 to 14/5

Super Seniors - Palm Beach, Florida:

Team - 24/4 to 29/4

Individual - 30/4 to 7/5



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