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Membership Process:

Please download the Membership Application Form from this page.

The application procedure is:

  • fill out personal details, eligibility criteria (see below), OPT-IN tick-box if applicable, sign and date the document;

  • obtain Proposer and Seconder comments;

  • send completed form to your Proposer.

You will be informed whether your application has been approved.

Eligibility Criteria:


Ordinary Members shall be lawn tennis players who are British subjects or citizens of the Republic of Ireland and, at the time of their election, are permanent residents of the British Isles. Such players shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership only if they have:


  • played (in singles or doubles) in The Championships at Wimbledon; or

  • been a finalist in a senior level event at a lawn tennis tournament sanctioned by the Lawn Tennis Association; or

  • won a Championship or level Competition organised by an affiliated County Lawn Tennis Association; or

  • won a Services (including the Civil Service) Championship; or

  • been awarded colours for representing their County during the Inter-County Week or in the Winter Singles Competition or Seniors Inter-County Competition; or

  • represented their Country in an International Competition sanctioned by the Lawn Tennis Association.

Application Form

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