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Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2012

The Club has been allocated 5 pairs of tickets as follows:

  • Centre Court Monday 25th June;
  • No. 2 Court Friday 29th June;
  • No. 1 Court Monday 2nd July;
  • No. 1 Court Wednesday 4th July;
  • Centre Court Thursday 5th July.

Please send requests to enter the ballot to Robin Smith by 21 April. If you are successful in the ballot you will be notified by an e-mail ballot slip, you will then be asked to buy the pair of tickets on line via the LTA website using your LTA membership number. You will receive an e-mail from the LTA giving you 15 days to purchase the tickets. If you decline the ticket before the 7 May the VLTC may reallocate the ticket to another member, after the 7 May the LTA will administer the ticket.

[Please note you are only eligible to enter the ballot if you have registered the VLTC of GB as one of your affiliated clubs on the BTM website. If you have not done this it's too late for this year but PLEASE REGISTER us as one of your affiliated clubs, which will give us a greater ticket allocation for next year and, of course, give you the opportunity to enter the ballot].

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