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British Grass Court 2013

The vagaries of the British weather once again impacted upon the British Grass Court Championships held at Aorangi Park, Wimbledon, 18th-24th August. At one stage it looked as though use of indoor backup wouldn't be needed as the tournament started in brilliant sunshine and hot weather. But by mid week and thereafter rain affected play, which frustrated players, referees and organisers. However, all matches were completed and our congratulations go out to the following members who achieved success.

MS40 Winner: Seb Jackson

MS45 Winner: Matthew Coombes; Finalist: Paul Scullard

MD45 Winner: Matthew Coombes with Chris Hearn; Finalists: Graham Neale and Paul Scullard

WD50 Finalist: Hazel Lindfield with Rosemary Dennis

MS55 Winner: Paul French

MD55 Winners: Chris Hill and Tony King; Finalist: Bruce Young with Russell Howat

WS55 Winner: Anne Clarke

WD55 Winner: Anne Clarke and Pat Wire; Finalist: Jane Timmis with Ann Brown

MS60 Winner: Niall Sweeney; Finalist: Boyd Brackstone

MD60 Winner: Robert Whitehead with Jasper Cooper

WS60 Finalist: Shirley Fox

WD60 Winners: Pauline Fisher and Shirley Fox; Finalist: Di Hill with Rosemary Wilson

MS65 Winner: Keith Bland; Finalist: Nigel Barker

MD65 Winners: Keith Bland with Roy Halfpenny; Finalist: Graham Birch with Richard Allen

WD65 Winner: Susan Hill with Frances Maclennan; Finalist: Jackie Robinson with Christine Lockhart

MS70 Winner: Henk Nijeboer; Finalist: Norman Church

MD70 Winners: Henk Nijeboer and Julian Tatum; Finalist: Norman Church and Michael Francis

WS70 Winner: Felicity Thomas; Finalist: June Fisher

WD70 Winners: June Fisher and Jean Porter; Finalists: Felicity Thomas and Ruth Weston

MS75 Finalist: Tony McBride

MD75 Winners: Tony McBride with Don Shears; Finalist: Stephen Woodley with Derek Horwood

WS75 Winner: Marcia Ackers

WD75 Winner: Marcia Ackers with June Pearce

MD80 Winners: John Draper and Tom Eastop

WS80 Winner: Anne Williams

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