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Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2016

British Tennis Members (BTM's) have the opportunity to purchase Wimbledon tickets in the ballot.

The Championships, Wimbledon 2016: 27th June - 10th July.

All you need to do is opt in to show that you are interested and to do this you must log into your account on the LTA website and click OPT IN. If you don't want to attend the 2016 Championships then click OPT OUT. Opting out will only be valid for the year and this same procedure (opt in/out) will need to be applied each subsequent year.

The BTM Wimbledon Ballot is open until Friday 19th February 2016.

Club ticket allocations will be based on the number of BTM's linked to their venue (ours is affiliated to Middlesex LTA) and who have opted in as at midnight on 19th Feb 2016.

Please direct any issues or concerns to Robin Smith.

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