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Defibrillator Opportunity

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The Seniors' Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain is an organisation promoting high quality competitive tennis for our membership across all senior age groups 35 and over.

We have decided to contribute to the health and safety of the tennis community by providing a defibrillator for a deserving tennis venue. It is well documented that use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) can dramatically increase the chance of survival for a person in cardiac arrest.

As a valued member of our Club, if you have a deserving venue in mind, please email the Club Chairman Graham Neale with the name and a summary of the venue you are proposing. The Committee will then consider the request in the context of our Club resources and let you know if your application has been successful.


"I'm alive! Thanks to The Queen's Club having a defibrillator on hand. Here I am several years later seeing my family and friends - and still playing tennis! Every day I savour continuing life and my extraordinary good fortune. 

Serving at 5 - 3 in the final set, I'm told that I had a cardiac arrest. It was just as well that my tennis partner was a past Chairman of The Queen's Club and knew that they had a defibrillator.

However, it was not luck, but due to the foresight of the club that one was available to give me the chance of life - and a few extra sets! I just pray that others unfortunate enough to have a cardiac arrest on court are given the same chance of another innings and having another go at this truly wonderful life." 

David Straker, aged 79 - SLTC of GB

David points out it was knowledge and resource that saved him. It is intended that The Seniors' Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain will make a donation of a defibrillator to a deserving venue from time to time.

Graham Neale, Chairman SLTC of GB -

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