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Wimbledon Ticket Ballot 2018

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The Championships 2018: Mon 2nd - Sun 15th July

British Tennis Members (BTM's) have the opportunity to purchase tickets in the Wimbledon Ticket ballot.

The Ballot is now OPEN so please OPT IN if you want to be included. Go to the LTA Website, click 'OPT IN' then log into your account and select OPT IN - you will receive an email confirming your request.

Our (SLTC of GB) ticket allocations are based on the number of BTM's linked to their venue (SLTC of GB is affiliated to Middlesex LTA) and have opted 'IN' as at the Ballot closing date. Once we have received our allocation, and if you have opted in, we will publish the tickets available and invite you to enter our own Club draw.

Please direct any issues or concerns to Robin Smith.

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