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Tennis USA 2019

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The match will likely be from 7th to the 10th November 2019, we will be hosted at - www.thelakescc.com

The Lakes is a typical American Country Club, with 11 tennis courts and a 27 hole championship golf course. For those of you who have never visited one of their country clubs, you are in for a treat. We are also planning to arrange game time at Indian Wells Tennis Gardens, where the Indian Wells Masters is held each year.

Our thoughts are that if you have travelled that far you will make this into a longer stay in the area or by visiting other parts of the USA, so much is on offer. One of our hosts will be Marcin Rozpedski is Director of Tennis who played Davis Cup for Poland. He was also US National Pickelball Champion in 2017 and has offered to introduce our team to the game, which is currently taking the host nation by storm.

At this point in time a number of areas are being explored namely travel, accommodation and tennis requirements but of course it all relies on the interest shown by our members.

Please let match organiser Jim Whittaker know (by email or 07973 186781) if you are interested in this fantastic opportunity.

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