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Dutch Fixture

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For 12 years the SLTC of GB has had the good fortune of playing an annual match against an informal Dutch side headed by Hans Bronkhorst with the venue alternating between GB and The Netherlands. In recent times the match was named after Peter Scholtz,  the late Dutch star.
Over the years, in total 39 members of the SLTC of GB have participated in these most enjoyable matches, which called for some serious resilience. Originally, we played two singles and two doubles over two days in addition to enjoying some excellent off court entertainment. More recently the programme was reduced to one singles and two doubles and spread over three days, which allowed of course more time for socialising.
While the SLTC of GB was able to keep up a certain rejuvenation of its teams, this option was not available to the Dutch who are all still the same players as in the beginning. While most of them are still meeting every Tuesday afternoon for some doubles, age has crept up on them and it is now no longer possible to field an adequate team for our annual exchange. It has thus been decided to call it a day and to try to set up from 2019 a different match between ourselves and a younger Dutch side selected by their LTA. The first match is likely be held in Eindhoven in November 2019 and more information will be published on the website in due course.
However, it was felt amongst the original participants that we couldn’t just stop this historic event without properly saying goodbye to one another and it was therefore decided that all 39 GB players should be encouraged to participate in the ITF Seniors Grade 1 tournament – Amsterdam Senior International Open - in Amstelveen (on the outskirts of Amsterdam) where the Dutch LTA has set up its new headquarters. The tournament is held from 22 to 28 July 2019 and open to all who have an IPIN. The idea is that our Dutch friends will organise a social evening during that week where their house band will put in an appearance and where we can talk about past successes and failures (e.g. the missed volley at match point etc). Travel and accommodation arrangements will have to be made by the individuals themselves. It is hoped that as many of the 39 members as possible will come to Amstelveen, even if not playing in the tournament, to say goodbye to our Dutch friends.

For further information and guidance please contact Henk Nijeboer.

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