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Success for Members - British Open Events

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Congratulations to the following Club members who mounted the winners podium at the Indoor and Clay Court Open Championships held in January and June respectively.


British Open Indoor (Tipton):

MS60 - Paul french

MS75 - Henk Nijeboer

MS80 - Bob Milner

MD60 - Paul French & Jeremy Trafford

MD65 - Mike Dawe with partner Benson Greatrex

MD70 - Nigel Barker with partner Mike Hepker

MD80 - John Barnett & Richard Rowlandson

MD85 - Michael Cottee with partner Peter Ellison


WS54 - Jo Shepherd

WD60 - Anne Clark with partner Sue Bartlett

WD65 - Pauline Fisher & Shirley Fox

WD75 - Jenny Waggott with partner Frances Maclennan


British Open Clay Court (Bournemouth):

MS60 - Paul French

MS70 - Chris Ornstien

MS70 - Mark Cox

MD60 - Nigel Mann with partner Per-Anders Lindeborg (Swe)

MD65 - Niall Sweeney with partner Andrew Stanley

MD70 - Peter W. Bretherton with partner Petr Kolacek (Sui)

MD75 - Roger Taylor with partner Gordon Waygood (Aus)

MD80 - John Barnett & Richard Rowlandson


WS60 - Hazel Lindfield

WS65 - Susan Winters

WS70 - Shirley Fox

WS85 - Anne Williams

WD60 - Hazel Lindfield with partner Kim Reed

WD65 - Pauline Fisher & Shirley Fox

WD80 - Marcia Ackers with partner June Pearce


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