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SLTC represented in 2019 World Team GB Selections

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Once again our Club has significant representation throughout the GB Teams who will be taking part in the 2019 ITF Young Senior, Senior & Super-Senior World Championships.

Congratulations to the following players who have gained selection (GB unless stated otherwise), or been put on standby:



Young-Seniors in Miami, USA, 20-25 Oct.:

M45 Seb Jackson

W45 Jo Shepherd


Seniors in Estoril & Lisbon, Portugal 4-9 Aug.:

M50 Paul Scullard

W50 Jane Hunter

M55 Graham Neale (reserve)

W55 Susie Reid, Monica Becerra (reserve)

M60 Paul French, Nigel Mann, Bruce Young, Martin Cornish (reserve)

W60 Anne Clark, Hazel Lindfield, Patricia Peal, Alice Shimmin (reserve)


Super-Seniors in Umag, Croatia 15-50 Sept.:

M65 Mike Dawe (reserve), Neagle Cathcart (Ire.)

W65 Pauline Fisher, Sue Winters

M70 Rennie Johnson, Chris Ornstien

W70 Shirley Fox, Rosemary Wilson

M75 Norman Church, Mark Cox, Henk Nijeboer, Roger Taylor

W75 Felicity Thomas, Jenny Waggott

M80 John Barnett, Roy Henderson, Tony McBride

W80 Marcia Ackers


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