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Wimbledon Grass Court (Closed)

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Roll of Honour (SLTC of GB Members):


MS45 Seb Jackson

MS55 Graham Neale

MS60 Paul French

MS70 Allan Thompson (pictured proudly holding his trophy)

MS75 Henk Nijeboer

MS80 Robert Milner


MD35 David Collins, with partner Mark Beim

MD45 Ian Udal, with partner Charles Durham

MD50 Nick Boys & David Mills

MD55 Graham Neale, with partner Richard Walmsley

MD60 Paul French & Jeremy Trafford

MD70 Mark Cox & Richard Tutt

MD75 Norman Church, with partner Andrew James

MD80 Roy Henderson & Tony McBride

MD85 Michael Cottee, with partner Peter Ellison


WS60 Alice Shimmin

WS65 Pauline Fisher

WS75 Jenny Waggott

WS85 Anne Williams


WD55 Bim Newton & Mandy Spicer

WD60 Anne Clark & Pat Wire

WD65 Pauline Fisher & Shirley Fox

WD70 Jenny Waggott, with partner Frances Maclennan

WD80 Marcia Ackers, with partner June Pearce


Congratulations to everyone on winning titles!

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